Mr. Rahul Shankhwalker

Architect & Partner, HBA

I met Sattish Tamba for the first time one hot summer afternoon fours years back, at a site of a luxury residential development in Pune that I was designing for a prominent Mumbai Developer. What attracted me most to Sattish was his dedication to his trade, positive attitude to work, keen eye for detail and his constant desire to deliver a product to perfection. In doing so, often going beyond his call of duty. With Sattish's hands on approach to construction, the product we built together was nothing less than amazing. Four years from there, HBA and Racheta have developed a deep professional relationship, collaborating on some of India's finest hotels and luxury residential developments. Now when I know Racheta is going to build a project designed by HBA, I am confident it will be built to the highest quality standards, those that  will safe guard HBAs reputation as one of the worlds finest interior design companies. In all reality Sattish is everything a designer is looking for in a quality interior fit-out Contractor in India.

Mr. Darpan Sanghavi

Sanghavi Brands (Franchise Owners for Spa L'Occitane)

It was wonderful to see the level of professionalism displayed by the team of Racheta. From the high quality of finish to timely completion of the works, Racheta has been a wonderful partner to work with

Mr. Steve Watson & Mrs. Zarine Watson

Halliburton, Enermech & Watson Fitness

Our first project encounter with Racheta was in the year 2000 when we went on a trip out of India and left the keys to our apartment with Mr. Sattish Tamba and the Racheta team to do interior work in our new rental apartment. The work was performed as expected and completed with responsibility and professionalism. The work completely met our expectations and we could not have left our home in better or more responsible hands. Since this pleasant encounter in 2000 we have engaged in project work with the Racheta team on very many occasions both small and large ones for over nearly 15 years. These projects range from mufti-storey office building interiors (Halliburton and Watson Fitness) to smaller projects in our various homes, to simple emergency assistance at odd hours even on weekends. The delivery of each of the projects has always been timely, predictable, and within budget. The quality of workmanship always met or exceeded our expectations. The Racheta team require no third party supervision nor following up inspections. They understand the client’s desires and expectations. Racheta’s technical experience is invaluable when planning interior work. They  offer solutions and understand customer’s needs. We can recommend Racheta with 100% confidence of superior delivery and integrity.

Mr. Ritesh Shah

Architect, Kapadia Associates

We have a great working rapport with Mr. Tamba and his team. Interiors is all about details, and it was a pleasure working with them and to work out smallest of the details to conglomerate into stunningly beautiful sites.

Architect Rajesh J. Kenkre

​... Racheta, Mumbai has executed the interior, civil, Painting and tiling work including Italian marble, granite detailing for the renovation of Hotel Park Plaza, Panji Goa. Although they were based outside Goa, they had an impressive Project Team on the site facilitating smooth coordination with our office. With a heady mix of skilled manpower, efficient project management and sound rapport with suppliers they have successfully coompleted the work in minimum time and highest quality. Racheta has taken care of all the coordination and site management work, leaving our architectural office with ample time to concentrate on Core Design and Supervision activities...

​ Our passion for a project drives us to put our heart into it and give our best ... ... and that's when things turn out par excellence !